Jorvik Viking Centre Refurbishment 2016-2017 (following the floods in York at Christmas 2015)

Having carried out a full inspection and test including remedial work along with maintenance and various improvements over the past 5 years, as the main electrical contractor for the centre we were the first on site, once the water had been pumped out to assess the damage to the electrical installation and carry out reactive testing/repairs in order to restore the electricity into the building and get lighting and power back on so the strip out and cleaning could begin.
During the strip out we carried out enabling works including repositioning of a 3 phase distribution board and removal of existing installations in order for the redesign of the centre to go ahead.
Following the enabling works we installed new 3 phase power supplies within the plant rooms, full new installation in the display gallery which included containment for lighting/power, sub mains, data, security, CCTV and fire alarm. New 3 Phase distribution board with contractor control panel for gallery area, small power for display cases and cleaners sockets, full LED lighting installation(dimmer controllable) as designed by lighting specialist which acts as emergency lighting supplied from the central battery unit.
We also rewired the under-croft area which was completely flooded damaging the whole installation in this area. We installed LED bulkhead lighting with emergency back up from the central battery unit wired in fire proof cable within conduit. Sockets were also added in the huts on the ride and under-croft.
Power supplies were added on stairs for new displays screens with signal cables.
In the Pre-show we added new house lights with emergency back up and LED emergency exit signs, also power points were added for new display projectors.
As part of the flood prevention works we added high level power supplies along with 110 volt transformers and a new system to control the water supply if a flood was to happen again.
Inverters for emergency lights were replaced due to water damage and 2 new emergency lighting distribution boards were added.

We had great pleasure being part of this project as it's one of York’s major attractions, its brilliant to see it completed and back open to the public. We look forward to working here in the future.

Value of Electrical Contract-£53,000

Posted By Website Admin - 16-06-2017