Energy Efficient LED Lighting

We recently carried out a survey on a project that was considering replacing their existing 50W halogen GU10 lamps for equivalent LED GU10 lamps.

These lamps are a direct replacement, making it a straight forward job meaning the labour cost would be very low.

The lamps are guaranteed for two years once the serial number has been registered with the manufacturer.

Average households lights will be switched on 2.73 hours per day throughout the year. Using these figures we calculated the following savings:

Cost of 50W GU10 lamp - £2.00

50W GU10 lamp life – 1000 hours

Cost of 4W LED lamp - £8.50

4W LED lamp life – 20,000 hours


Number of lights in the household – 20

Average time lights are on throughout the year – 996.45 hrs

Kwh used by 50W Halogen lights – 996.45 kwh

Kwh used by 4W LED lights – 79.72 kwh

Cost of unit of electricity – £0.14


Cost of running lights over a year

50W halogen lights - £139.50

4W LED lights - £11.00

Total saving - £128.50 per year

Posted By Website Admin - 04-09-2013